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With the Best Will in the World; but Where is it?

A Will is the one document that we need that it is impossible to make or replace when itís required.

Statistically the chances of a person dying in the UK with an up to date valid Will that accurately reflects their wishes and that can actually be found when needed is extremely poor.

Firstly only about 30% of the adult population of approximately 45 million make one in the first place. Thatís about 13.5 million who complete the first stage.

Considering the importance of this document this is not a particularly good start but things go downhill rapidly from there.

All the time, money and effort that has gone into drafting so many Wills is simply wasted.

They are misplaced, burnt, stolen, destroyed by unhappy relatives, thrown away by confused elderly people or simply lost.

They are damaged, defaced, not signed and witnessed correctly and amazingly often not even signed at all.

When you also take into consideration the number of Wills that have not been kept up to date in line with changing circumstances it is estimated that only about two thirds of people that have Wills drafted actually end up with a document that is available, valid and encompasses their wishes.

In short, statistically, only one person in five will end up with the document they wanted when they need it!

So having gone to the trouble of drafting a Will in the first place it is obviously vital to avoid the other pitfalls.

This can be simply achieved by ensuring your Wills and associated documents are scrutinised for valid signing and witnessing then placed in secure storage, (accessible by only you and your appointed representatives but only when the time comes for them to act). You should have a simple cost effective way of keeping them updated, you should have copies for your records and of course the necessary paperwork to inform whoever you wish as to the location of these valuable documents.

We at Assured Legacies Ltd would be happy to discuss this subject in greater detail with you either on the phone or in the comfort of your own home at your convenience.