Assured Legacies - Funeral Plans

Unburdening your Family

It goes without saying that the death of a loved one is a very traumatic time for those left behind.

There is a multitude of tasks to be undertaken and amongst the most pressing and in many ways the most distressing is making the funeral arrangements.

As this is a subject that is not often discussed it may well be that your family and friends are not aware of your wishes, or worse still have different ideas about what you may have wanted (see case studies attached) causing further upset at such a difficult time.

Whilst you may have indicated your wishes in your will quite often the will is not accessed until after the funeral. Furthermore your funeral requests in your will are the one part of the will that is not legally binding so, although not normally the case, it could be that your last requests even if they are known are not actually carried out.

Another concern for many people is that the money they have put aside or the life insurance policy that they have taken out to cover the cost of their funeral may not be enough to meet the ever rising fees.

As your funeral costs are by law the first liability on your estate and must be paid before any other bequests it can often mean, particularly if your assets are all tied up for example in property, that other people have to foot the bill until these assets can be released.

An easy and very cost effective may of overcoming all these problems is a Guaranteed Funeral Plan.

This simple process would by itself give you the peace of mind of knowing that your family would be spared such financial and emotional burdens at a time of great sadness and furthermore ensure that, no matter how long you lived or how much costs increased, they will have nothing to pay for the services of the funeral director. You would also have the comfort of knowing that your funeral wishes will be known and carried out as you would have wished.

Payments received for these plans are held under the custodianship of an independent trustee HSBC Trust Company (UK) Limited.

Once payment is made a written guarantee will be issued confirming that the services of the funeral director will be provided as specified, when required, and there will never be any more to pay for these services and those you leave behind will remember your thoughtfulness.

We at Assured Legacies Ltd would be happy to discuss this subject in greater detail with you either on the phone or in the comfort of your own home at your convenience.