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Financial advice: Are you worth it?

For many years only wealthy landowners bothered to make a Will. The vast majority of the population believed it was unnecessary as they considered they had "nothing to leave".

Today everyone knows that they should have one although whether they get round to it is another matter.

Sadly today financial advice tends to fall into the same trap as is often thought to be needed only by the very wealthy. If you take a moment to reflect, however, this is self evidently no longer true.

Anybody who has a property, a mortgage, savings, insurance, shares, investments, bonds, a pension etc (so thatís virtually everybody) can benefit from a review of their products even if it is only to get the reassurance that they already have the best available. It is more likely however that a review will show that substantial improvements can be made and many pounds saved or made.

In addition to this an up-to-date record of your assets can be made and held securely and in confidence ensuring that nothing you own will pass by default to the treasury (See Dormant Accounts).

A concern for many people is that financial advisers, although independent, (i.e. able to search through all the available companies and products) will only offer you the product they think you should have namely the one they will earn most commission on.

Our associated financial advisers* wish to retain you as a client for life and offer an ethical service tailor made to your needs in the experience and knowledge that a satisfied client is an ongoing client.

In short professional, targeted "Focussed" financial advice can make you money, save you money, protect your money and will cost you nothing except a little time (and maybe the odd cup of tea) and everyone is definitely worth that!

We at Assured Legacies Ltd would be happy to discuss this subject in greater detail with you either on the phone or in the comfort of your own home at your convenience.