Frequently asked questions on Wills at Assured Legacies

Q. I don't need to make a Will everything will go to my spouse/partner won't it?

A. No, only assets in joint names will automatically go to the surviving joint owner. Without a Will your spouse would receive only a fixed amount of your estate the rest would go to your children or parents or siblings etc. Unless you write a Will unmarried partners would receive nothing.

Q. If I die my young children's father would automatically get custody wouldn't he?

A. Not necessarily, if you were married then invariably he would but if not he would have to apply for custody as would other relatives were a married couple both to die. You should appoint the guardians you want in your Will.

Q. I've told my grown up children that I want some of my money/possessions to go to my stepchildren/grandchildren/friends/charity. So that's alright then isn't it?

A. Maybe, but anything could go wrong, your children may decide they don't want to honour your wishes; your children's partners may interfere; family rifts could ensue. The only certain way to make sure the bequests are made is to write a Will.