Frequently asked questions on storage at Assured Legacies

Q. We know that our father made a Will but we can't find it, is there a central registry?

A. No, a Will is a personal document that only passes into the public domain once the estate has gone through probate and the estate administered.

Q. My mother made a Will but never signed it is it valid?

A. Absolutely not, in many ways finding an unsigned Will could be worse than not finding it at all as the court might well take the view that the bequests in the unsigned document are what the testator decided they did not want otherwise they would have signed it.

Q. Because I stayed at home and looked after my dad whilst he was ill he left me the flat in his Will now my brother says the Will can't be found is there anything I can do?

A. Probably not, as a Will can be revoked by the testator deliberately destroying it, if it can not be found that would be the assumption made. It would be virtually impossible to prove that someone else had destroyed it.